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Precious J. Bradley

Executive Director & President

Precious J. Bradley is a visionary leader and passionate advocate for maternal and infant health, dedicated to making a lasting impact on underserved communities. With a deep commitment to equity and empowerment, Precious founded the Precious Cargo Foundation to provide comprehensive BIPOC prenatal and postpartum education. With a background in public health and community engagement, Precious brings a wealth of expertise in developing culturally sensitive programs that address the unique needs of diverse populations. Her tireless efforts to bridge gaps in healthcare disparities and promote informed decision-making have earned her recognition as a driving force in improving the well-being of expectant and new parents. Through her leadership, Precious J. Bradley is shaping the future of maternal and infant care, fostering a legacy of health, knowledge, and strength within communities.

Kamisha Walker

Vice President & Board Member

Kamisha M. Walker hails from Jacksonville, NC, and wears many hats, including being a devoted mother to three wonderful daughters - a pair of twins and a singleton. Her journey led her to a recent accomplishment - obtaining an M.A. degree in Human Lactation Studies from Union Institute and University.

Before delving into lactation studies, Kamisha spent nearly 7 years in the mental health sector. In 2013, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the esteemed North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. 

Kamisha's fascination with Human Lactation stems from her personal breastfeeding journey. Although she couldn't breastfeed her eldest daughter, her determination to breastfeed her twins was unwavering. The IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) who supported her in the NICU post-twin delivery served as a profound inspiration. As she explored different careers in the lactation realm, she unearthed an unsettling racial disparity in lactation professionals. This discovery propelled her to question whether this lack of diversity contributes to the disproportionately low number of women of color choosing to breastfeed.

With this realization, Kamisha's mission took shape. She is resolute in her goal to diminish the racial inequalities in breastfeeding and foster greater representation of women of color as IBCLCs. Through her studies and active involvement in community initiatives, Kamisha M. Walker is a powerful advocate and change agent, driven by her personal experience and a deep commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of mothers and babies.


Nikki Harper

Treasurer & Board Member

Nikki Harper, a proud native of Greensboro, NC, embodies a remarkable journey that marries diverse passions and unwavering commitment. As a devoted mother of two, Nikki's life is a testament to her dedication to family and community.

Her path led her to become a DONA-certified postpartum doula in 2017, a role that perfectly complements her innate nurturing spirit. Coupled with her Master of Arts in Education, specializing in Adult Education and Training, Nikki has dedicated herself to enriching the lives of others through education. Her thirst for knowledge and drive to elevate her expertise find her currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education. Fueling her passion for education is her unwavering advocacy for holistic and natural practices, especially among women. Nikki ardently educates women on embracing all-encompassing wellness approaches, reflecting her dedication to holistic well-being. 

Her multifaceted background, combined with her deep understanding of education, family dynamics, and holistic practices, enriches the foundation's mission to empower BIPOC individuals during the transformative stages of prenatal and postpartum experiences.

Nikki Harper's presence as an educator, mother, doula, and visionary in the holistic wellness realm contributes to a tapestry of empowerment, education, and compassion, uplifting those she interacts with, and further enriching the tapestry of the Precious Cargo Foundation's impactful journey.

Katrina Maxwell

Secretary & Board Member

Katrina Maxwell is a dedicated professional with a profound passion for the sciences. Her journey began at North Carolina Central University, where she explored biology and chemistry classes, eventually leading her to discover her fascination with cosmetic science.

As a black woman with personal skin concerns, Katrina advocates for the importance of formulating skincare products tailored to diverse skin types and tones. Her own experiences with hormonal imbalances during the COVID-19 pandemic sparked her research into skincare ingredients targeting hyperpigmentation, revealing disparities in the effectiveness of commonly used ingredients for darker-skinned individuals.

Katrina's commitment extends beyond skincare to encompass hair concerns, drawing from a decade-long natural hair growth journey. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Cosmetic Science at the University of Cincinnati, she aspires to expand her knowledge and establish a career path in skin and hair care formulation.

With a background that includes roles such as Office Manager/Assistant Team Leader at H&R Block and experience in medical billing, Katrina brings a wealth of skills, including problem-solving, leadership, effective communication, and expertise in laboratory operations.

Katrina's journey is characterized by determination, hard work, and a belief that success in cosmetic science requires continuous learning and practical experience. The Precious Cargo Foundation is delighted to welcome Katrina Maxwell, confident in her potential to contribute significantly to the organization's mission.

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